Projet Interreg V A FRANCE-SUISSE 2014-2020
 Main goals 
The TOOLEXPERT project aims at developing new PVD coatings, especially devoted to micro-cutting and micro-machining tools. Dimensions of such micro-tools is in-between 0.1-3 mm diameter. 
Thin films deposited on these micro-tools will be prepared by means of two PVD processes: HiPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) et MS (magnetron sputtering) implementing a reactive gas pulsing technique, namely the RGPP (Reactive Gas Pulsing Process). This approach will allow tunability of the films design and will supply an attractive way to play with their mechanical and physical properties, and thus with their functionality.  
The development of some laboratory scale deposition methods will result in a transfer of an optimized processes into an industrial PVD reactor specially designed to demonstrate technological feasibility. 

Planned tasks
  • Development of two PVD processes at the lab scale based-on HiPIMS and RGPP 
  • Systematic investigation of mechanical and physical properties of coatings and correlation with growing conditions 
  • Full-scale machining tests on coated tools in order to qualify the performance of the coatings 
  • Design of a prototype PVD reactor and transfer of an optimized process 
Expected results
  • Functional characteristics (hardness, coefficient of friction, resistance to wear) of PVD coatings must correspond to the specifications defined by the industrial partners 
  • Performances of coated tools should be improved by 10% compared to the same uncoated tools 
  • The optimized PVD process should be transferred to an industrial reactor (prototype). This reactor should be equipped with HiPIMPS and capable of operating with RGPP technology