Projet Interreg V A FRANCE-SUISSE 2014-2020
ENSMM is one of the four tutorships of the FEMTO-ST Institute, a joint research institution merging together more than 750 people in topics related to optics, electronics, acoustics, materials, etc. and basically, in applied physics.
The research team « Surface Engineering » (10 people) is one of the 11 research groups of HEARC Ingénierie, offering know-how and skills for more than 20 years about deposition and optimisation of thin films prepared by PVD processes.
Anthogyr is a French company located near Mont-Blanc with more than 70 years of industrial expertise and experience in the dental industry, design and manufacture of innovative and accessible solutions in implantology and customised prostheses to treat patients worldwide.
Since 1948, Louis BELET SA, a family business of about 150 employees has manufactured cutting tools in solid carbide, ceramic or PCD. Our creative, technically, ecologically and socially performing has become a benchmark in the manufacture of profiled tools.
PLATIT is an independent, family-owned company headquartered in Selzach, Switzerland as well as a leading manufacturer of high-tech PVD and PECVD hard coating equipment for tools and machine components.